Posted on: October 23, 2009 5:10 pm

NFL Uniforms

I know it's the 50th anniversary of the AFL, but most of the uniforms are hideous.

New York Jets/Titans - at least wear something green in the logo
Denver Broncos - look like the San Diego Padres
San Diego Chargers - we've seen the powder blues now for the last few years.  Not a throwback if you wear it all the time.

I like the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and Oakland Raiders throwbacks, though.  See pics here:

I've also heard that the Tampa Bay Bucs might wear those ugly creamsicle-colored jerseys at some point this year?  Man, if they can't win a game in their current uniforms, what makes them think they can win in the throwbacks (0-14 record in their first season with the ugly jerseys).

It's not just the throwbacks this year; it's the alternate unis as well.  Did anyone catch the electric green the Seattle Seahawks wore a few weeks ago?  How about the alternate yellow hemlets of the Pittsburgh Steelers?  The orange of the Miami Dolphins?

What some team should wear if they want to turn back the clock/look different:

New York Jets - the green helmets they had in the mid-90s
Denver Broncos - the blue helmets with the "D" and the bucking bronco
St. Louis Rams - the blue and yellow of the LA Rams (which they wore this year with great success)
Seattle Seahawks - the light gray (not dark gray) of the 90s, when they were an AFC team
New York Giants - the helmets that had the word "GIANTS" on them (think Simms and LT)

It's nostalgia.  It's easier on the eyes than the bright blue and yellow of the Eagles throwbacks.  It's different.

It's a start.

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